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You Will Never Suffer From Constipation Again

Try TODAY the proprietary blend of Digestic™ the Revolutionary All-Natural herbal formula relieving Chronic Constipation, Bloating and Gas


Allen Ruiz, 59

Verified Buyer

Definite Relief!
“I have experienced chronic constipation for over 40 years and have used many, many methods of relief. Digestic works extremely well. I have been regular for the first time since childhood! And these are herbs, not chemicals. Just start out slowly when taking this product- it’s powerful!”

Linda Lincoln, 52

Verified Buyer

Ok, this medicine is THE ONE
“Wow! I finally found an all-natural non-laxative way to receive constipation relief. It’s a problem that I have had for many years and nothing worked well. Digestic is herbal and I was informed it works differently with each person using it. I took 2 pills and nothing happened, then I added 2 more pills and all I have to say is WOW! Definitely recommended!


Enjoy 365 day, no-questions- asked money back guarantee and world class customer service!

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What to expect after taking Digestic?

How to use Digestic?

Start with 2 capsules daily, anytime during the day, before or after food. You may decrease daily dosage to less than 2, or increase daily dosage up to 6 capsules if needed.

It is strongly recommended to drink 2 glass of water with each use.

2 capsules
per day

2 glasses
of water

2 capsules
per day

2 glasses
of water

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What's in the capsules?



Artemisia Arborescens





Enjoy 365 day, no-questions- asked money back guarantee and world class customer service!

Our breakthrough revolutionary formula is finally available after 18 years of scientific research. Digestic relieves constipation without any of the side effects that laxatives bring. No more laxatives! It stimulates bowel movements naturally without diarrhea. It is natural and non-habit forming, Digestic is healthy for you and your entire body.

How it works?

Step 1

Bowel irregularities such as Chronic constipation, hard stool, or bloating cause difficulty emptying the bowels correctly

Step 2
Digestic’s all-natural active ingredients are released in the stomach once the pills dissolve
Step 3
These ingredients stimulate the colon causing it to work actively in the proper way, by contracting and expanding
Step 4
This leads to the body to flush out excrement the healthy way, without any diarrhea
Ships Worldwide | Express delivery
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